Larimar Galaxy, Portal, Limited edition Artwork by Larimar Miner

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Materials: Larimar,Normal matter,Dark matter,Love

Larimar is one the most exclusive, expensive and one of the most beautiful gemstones, a rare blue variety of the mineral pectolite. It is found only in the Dominican Republic, in the Caribbean.

Introduce a touch of natural beauty into your home with the breathtaking Larimar Galaxy artwork, a sight to behold in any room of your house. Imagine waking up to the mesmerizing patterns and hues of this rare blue mineral, hand-extracted from the volcanic mountain of the Dominican Republic. Not only will it brighten your day, but it's sure to spark the interest of your guests and leave a lasting impression. Indulge in the splendor of millions of years of geological history with the stunning Larimar Galaxy.

This Larimar Galaxy artwork likely depicts the unique, swirling blue patterns found in this stone, which were formed as a result of volcanic activity millions of years ago. As molten lava flowed into the sea and cooled, it formed pockets of mineral-rich fluids that eventually crystallized into pectolite. The blue coloration in Larimar is thought to be caused by the presence of copper in these fluids, which gives the stone its unique, swirling patterns.

This digital masterpiece boasts a high resolution and you can download it as a wallpaper or a square image so it's suitable for print as well as a wallpaper for your computer.

As the copyright holder, we kindly ask that you do not resell this image. Your purchase is for personal use only.


Discover the beauty and power of Larimar, the stone of Freedom and Truth. Known for its stunning blue color and unique energy, Larimar is the ultimate Heart chakra stone, helping to open, balance, and align your energy.

When you shop with us, you can feel good about your purchase knowing that you are supporting responsible and ethical mining practices. We mine Larimar directly from our own mines in the Dominican Republic, ensuring the highest quality and authenticity. Plus, a portion of our profits are dedicated to education and cleaning efforts in our local community.

In addition to supporting ethical practices, you can also feel good about supporting local artisans when you shop with us. All of our products are handmade in the Dominican Republic, ensuring that your purchase helps to support local talent and the local economy.

Experience the beauty and power of Larimar for yourself, and shop our handmade, ethically-sourced products today.

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