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Materials: Larimar,AAA Larimar,AAA Grade Larimar,Dominican Larimar,Original Larimar,100pct Larimar,Natural Larimar,Top quality Larimar,Genuine Larimar,Larimar Natural,Natural stone,Larimar genuine,Top grade Larimar

Amazingly beautiful and magical, highest quality Larimar Skull. This is the pinnacle of Dominican and Larimar sacred geometry art.

Larimar skulls are very special for their ability to significantly help you on your life journey and also boost your psychic powers.

The vibrational energy emitted by skulls, as a sacred geometry object is related to electromagnetic waves of human brain that gives birth to clear thought and channeling true wisdom.

People who use Larimar in meditation report easy release from unhealthy inner bonds to their emotions, to other people or to principles which do not serve the highest good.

Larimar skulls may work, in fact, as a medium that helps you get the most from Larimar. Larimar brings serenity, clarity and constructive thought. Larimar stimulates creativity and encourages you to let go and follow the best flow.

People attest to the healing powers of Larimar skulls. Skulls in general have an immense following because of the positive results people have had in using them to manifest their intentions. When Larimar is shaped into the skull form, it is integrated with key principles of sacred geometry, amplifying their potency exponentially.

Larimar has been known to help healing process of the heart and mind. Larimar makes constructive thinking easier and stimulates creative activity, it helps you refrain from manipulating things and events unnecessarily, instead just allowing them to happen.

What people think about skulls is that they have a consciousness of their own. When you are drawn to a particular Larimar skull, it is not just because of simple intuition - it is also because the Larimar skull chose you. This means that it has decided that you are the one it wants to share its power with. To be chosen as a Larimar skull guardian is a both a responsibility and an honor. Most importantly, having one of the most beautiful useful tool for the rest of your life.

With their healing energy, Larimar skulls help us reach profound truths about ourselves and about our world.

Excellent meditation stone, wonderful palm stone or a display piece or a paperweight and a chakra healing tool!

This Larimar is the highest quality you will find.

What you see is what you get. The weight is 227.9g.


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Larimar has many healing properties and it's a stone of friendship πŸ’™

When you buy from us, you buy directly from our mines. We mine responsibly and safely.

All our products are handmade in the Dominican Republic πŸ‡©πŸ‡΄

We dedicate a part of our profit to education and cleaning of our country.

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